Resampling Hints

Resampling hints can be specified in constraint commands, scale commands, watermarking, and for compositing. They offer control over image sharpness, resampling color space, background color, and more.

  • sharpen_percent (0..100) The amount of sharpening to apply during resampling
  • up_filter The resampling filter to use if upscaling in one or more directions
  • down_filter The resampling filter to use if downscaling in both directions.
  • scaling_colorspace Use linear for the best results, or srgb to mimick poorly-written software. srgb can destroy image highlights.
  • background_color The background color to apply.
  • resample_when One of size_differs, size_differs_or_sharpening_requested, or always.
  • sharpen_when One of downscaling, upscaling, size_differs, or always
  "sharpen_percent": 15,
  "down_filter":  "robidoux",
  "up_filter": "ginseng",
  "scaling_colorspace": "linear",
  "background_color": "transparent",
  "resample_when": "size_differs_or_sharpening_requested",
  "sharpen_when": "downscaling"

Resampling Filters

  • robidoux - The default and recommended downsampling filter
  • robidoux_sharp - A sharper version of the above
  • robidoux_fast - A faster, less accurate version of robidoux
  • ginseng - The default and suggested upsampling filter
  • ginseng_sharp
  • lanczos
  • lanczos_sharp
  • lanczos_2
  • lanczos_2_sharp
  • cubic
  • cubic_sharp
  • catmull_rom
  • mitchell
  • cubic_b_spline
  • hermite
  • jinc
  • triangle
  • linear
  • box
  • fastest
  • n_cubic
  • n_cubic_sharp