Image Encoding Commands

  • format=png|gif|jpeg|webp determines the format to encode the image as. Defaults to the original format.
  • jpeg.quality=0..100 determines the jpeg encoding quality. Default is 90
  • enables progressive jpeg encoding.
  • jpeg.turbo=true encodes files faster at the expense of file size.
  • webp.quality=0..100 determines the webp encoding quality.
  • webp.lossless=true enables lossless webp encoding. Default false
  • png.lossless=false disables lossless PNG encoding. Default true unless png.quality is specified.
  • png.quality=0..100 determines lossy png quality. Default 100.
  • png.min_quality=0..100 determines the minimum png quality that must be realized before lossless is used. Default 0